March 23, 2023 – Riches to Rags


This is my 4th Thursday puzzle this month. Come back for a 5th next week!

Discussion (contains spoilers!)
No, really! This next one'll have spoilers! With all the talk of SVB, Credit Suisse, Jerome Powell, and the like, I was keen to make a banking themed puzzle. First I laid out some common terms (DODDFRANK, JEROMEPOWELL, CREDITORS, DEPOSITORS, BANKRUN) and then started to flex these into long answers appropriate for a crossword.

Some of these options were too much of a stretch (DEPAULSITTERS?), couldn't quite fit most grids (DADFRANK, DEPAUSITORS), or were too awkward (ANTERIORESTRATE, GERONIMOPOWELL).

I must thank ryanf and kim vu from Crosscord for their advice in finding a grid. Initially, I was looking for a grid that could fit (2) 15s, (1) 13, (1) 12, and (1) 8. They helped me see:
  • symmetry doesn't allow for 1 even and 1 odd themed answer
  • did I really need the 8? (DADFRANK)

Sometimes you need to kill your darlings, as they say.

Even after finding a grid, the NE corner gave me trouble. Initially I was trying to clue OLIN there. Had a nice clue for DODO, even. But, after some of my playtesters had trouble, I reworked it. I imagine that LEEK and LEE are possible dupes, but I've made my peace with that.

A few months ago, I went through a phase of watching rock climbing videos on YouTube. This one where Magnus Midtbø climbs without ropes with Alex Honnold will make your palms sweat. But it's nice to see Alex's attitude of comfortabiliity juxtaposed with Magnus' honest fear.

Caitie laughed outloud when she got IMIN. Hopefully you had a FIELDDAY with this puzzle.

Thanks to my playtesters!

Until next week.

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