March 16, 2023 – Your March Holiday Is My June Celebration


This is a themed entry for the monthly midi (11x11) contest on crosshare.

Discussion (contains spoilers!)
No, really! This next one'll have spoilers! This week I wanted to submit a themed midi for the monthly contest. This month's theme is Pi

However, I was inspired by Michael Hertl's work to instead make it about TAU day. If you're not familiar, I recommend his site tauday.com and his introductory talk for the use of TAU instead of Pi.

To go along with the theme, I wanted to highlight that TAU is irrational, and hence you CANNOTRATIO it. I found myself UNDOing many of the clues for that, but ultimately had to accept the grid's LIE. (How would you've clued 20A?) I also find the MONTECARLO simulations a beautiful confluence of computing and estimation.

While cluing, I learned that PRMC (founded by Tipper Gore and others) is responsible for why we needed some kids needed their parents to buy their music.

It's always fun to find a random singular, and here I found ALM and CHEETO.

Is the MCU a franchise? I wanted to avoid using the word "multiverse", but lmk!

IRT (for Ice Road Truckers) was a stretch, but I promise that it's better than the geography-filled bottom-left that was there before 😉.

This week's theme song is YES' Owner of a Lonely Heart", which has a mesmerizing music video.

Thanks to my playtesters!

Until next week.

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