March 9, 2023 – Some Kind of Future


This is the second in a series of puzzles I'm releasing each Thursday in March 2023.

Discussion (contains spoilers!)
No, really! This next one'll have spoilers! This week, I wanted to jump on the AI bandwagon with the puzzle. I explored some puns like MACHINEBURNING, but ultimately decided to keep this one relatively straightforward.

All of my playtesters are "Community" fans, so hopefully ABED and Troy's duo is more than HARDLY known.

Turns out that VRBO did an ad campaign around TOGETHERNESS.

The Aral SEA was 10% of its original size by 2007 and has continued to shrink. Now much of the area is BARE desert.

The ENHANCE(D) CSI meme was on my brain, but cluing it with "meme" seemed too on-the-nose. Without mention of CSI, it felt AWRY.

It's a year of fitness in our household, and some of my clothes seem to REFIT (no tailor trip required!). I hope you can RELISH the spring (or autumnal 😉) weather.

Until next week.

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